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festival is an annual planning-season supplement of LIVE UK, published in December, February, March and April – when the bulk of festival production deals are concluded – providing news, features, information and events data for the business people behind festivals. From April to October, it becomes a two-page section within LIVE UK.

Issue 219, April 2018

LiveStyle festival exclusive for See 

Soul'd Out sues Coachella

CTS acquires Vivo Concerti

Clash of the manager forums

Viagogo fined $1.2 million

FKP cuts involvement in Danish festivals

Government review of resale market

Live Nation creator has $20 billion debt

Touts arrested for inflated U2 tickets


World’s Leading National Concert Promoters for international artistes

Comprising interviews with some of the world’s leading national concert promoters for international artistes across 72 countries, with a contacts directory listing information for more than 340 of the key operators.

The World's Best Arenas For Live Music
is published annually and is free to Audience subscribers worldwide, including the operators of more than 165 leading venues in the sector. It is a must for anyone working internationally in the arena sector, whether venue operators, promoters or service providers.
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The Worlds Best Stadiums for Live Music is published annually in March and is free to Audience subscribers worldwide. This 44-page review of the worldwide stadium network for music shows covers topics such as ticketing and the use of social media marketing.
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